ForexPlay Star System

Hello and welcome. My name is Khalid. I am a London based software engineer and part-time forex trader. I use a very simple system for trading fx. The system is tried and tested and has been backed tested on 10 years of data on EUR/USD. It has also been used successfully on currency pairs other than EUR/USD. I am offering a one day seminar to teach you the system for £499.00. If you are based near London the seminar can be taken in person at a venue that is mutually convienient for us. If you are not in London, the seminar can be conducted via Skype and a set of notes.

The second product I am offering is a monthly subscription to my buy and sell signals for £10 a month or £99 a year. You will receive via email the signals that I use to trade my system. The number of signals could vary from between 4-10 strong valid entry signals per month. A single successful trade off of one signal will usually be more than

These items can be purchased with PayPal or Bitcoin.

The system that I will teach you is simple in nature. It utilises the 'Morning Star' candle formation and the 'Evening Star' candle formation. You can read about these two formations in many places on the web and YouTube. The formations have been known about for hundreds of years as they are based on Japanese candle stick patterns.

I would suggest some background reading on candle stick patterns and the two 'Star' formations before you book a seminar. It is not essential to do this as I will cover both formations with you, but some prior reading will help you understand the concepts faster and deeper.

I have already told you what formations I use as 'buy'/'sell' signals, so surely you can just go ahead and trade them now, right? Well, in theory with enough time, experience and practice (and money) you could work out how to trade them. In the seminar I go over in detail how I use the signals and the full strategy. This is just some of what is covered:

Some websites for other systems are dozens of pages long in an effort to convince you that their system is the 'bestest', 'greatest' and most revolutinary system ever discovered. I am not doing any of that. The formations that I use for entry are not new. In fact, as I stated earlier, the formations themselves are hundreds of years old. What makes my system unqiue is how I use the formations to create a full trading strategy - and that is what I am selling you. I am not making any bold claims or unrealistic claims, other than I use the system myself successfully to generate a good part time income. I can also tell you what the system us not. It is not any of the following:

That is all the convincing I am going to do! If you have any questions, feel free to email me: pips [at], or you can ask me a question via twitter: @forexplay_

. I look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, happy trading!